Piano Sonata 1.X.1905 - ii. The Death
Leoš Janáček


Danielle Sofer, piano


April 25, 2008

Binghamton University

Queer Stats


Paper delivered at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Music Theory


9 November, 2019

Columbus, OH

This lecture was delivered at the annual conference of the Society for Music Theory during the Queer Resource Group's Business Meeting convened to discuss the feasibility of establishing an LBGTQ+ Standing Committee. Since delivering this talk in November 2019, SMT has created a Task Force to further investigate the question.

Bright Club Dublin


Smarter standup: a variety night where researchers become comedians and you can furrow your brow before laughing your face off. "The first rule of Bright Club is that you have to make science funny."


Danielle Sofer - Musicology

Dublin Science Week 2016 (November 16)

The Stags Head

Identity and Orientation in Barry Truax's Song of Songs


Paper delivered at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Music Theory

Panel "Plugged / Unplugged"


29 October - 1 November, 2015

St. Louis, MO

WORKSHOP: Sounding the Feminists “Writing about Music for the Public” 

Writing about music is like dancing about architecture’ is a quip attributed to various individuals from Elvis Costello to Frank Zappa. Whatever its origins, there is no disputing the huge public interest in the work of those who endeavour to talk and write about music.

Reviews, articles, blogs, and podcasts are some of the ways in which writers connect with listeners and readers, fans and scholars. But how do you go about producing that content? What music do you want to write about? How do you convey sonic experiences in print? Which forms of communication will enable you to reach your desired audience?

Niall Byrne, Founder of Nialler9Blog and Journalist

Michael Dervan, Irish TimesMusic Critic 

Melanie Lynch, Founder and CEO of Herstory

Toner Quinn, Editor and Founder of the Journal of Music

Helen Shaw, Founder and CEO of Athena Media; former MD of RTÉ Radio

Danielle Sofer, Musicologist, Media Scholar, Performer, and Activist

IMRO, Copyright House, Pembroke Row, Baggot Street Lower, Dublin 2

18 October, 2019 4-7pm (details)


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