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As a musicologist, part of what I do involves speaking for a living. Here are some examples of the kinds of speaking engagements I've had the pleasure of attending.

To book me for your event, class, or meeting, feel free to email me.

Academic Lecture
And When We Tell Our Stories, Where Do They Go (starts at 44:00)
Content Warning: Sexual Coercion; Consent

Paper Delivered at the conference:

“Unsung Stories: Women at Columbia’s CMC”

Columbia University

April 10, 2021

more details...



RTÉ Lyric FM, Ireland 

'Elizabeth Maconchy: A Girl Composer's Triumph'

Danielle Sofer, Featured Musicologist

November 14, 2014


RTÉ Lyric FM MaconchyDanielle Sofer

Roundtable Discussion

Engaged Music Theory Working Group

a 90-minute video conversation between Dr. Naomi André, Dr. Sumanth Gopinath, Dr. Vivian Luong, and Dr. Danielle Shlomit Sofer on engaged scholarship in music studies. 


Columbia University

Alice Shields interviewed by Danielle Sofer

In conversation with musicologist Danielle Sofer, classical and electronic music composer Alice Shields speaks about her early life and influences, as well as the time she spent composing and working at the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center (CPEMC) and the Computer Music Center (CMC) from 1964 to 1996.

To listen to parts 2 & 3 of this conversation, visit:

To learn more about Alice Shield's music, check out:

More Episodes...

Quantitative Research
Queer Stats


Paper delivered at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Music Theory


9 November, 2019

Columbus, OH

This lecture was delivered at the annual conference of the Society for Music Theory during the Queer Resource Group's Business Meeting convened to discuss the feasibility of establishing an LBGTQ+ Standing Committee. Since delivering this talk in November 2019, SMT has created a Task Force to further investigate the question.

Stand-Up Comedy
Bright Club Dublin


Smarter standup: a variety night where researchers become comedians and you can furrow your brow before laughing your face off. "The first rule of Bright Club is that you have to make science funny."


Danielle Sofer - Musicology

Dublin Science Week 2016 (November 16)

The Stags Head, Dublin

Sounding the Feminists/ Irish Music Rights Organisation: Writing about Music

Irish Music Rights Organisation (IMRO) Copyright House


Danielle Sofer (at 1:49)

Michael Dervan, Irish TimesMusic Critic 

Melanie Lynch, Founder and CEO of Herstory 

Toner Quinn, Editor and Founder of the Journal of Music 

Helen Shaw, Founder and CEO of Athena Media; former MD of RTÉ Radio 

Niall Byrne, Founder of Nialler9Blog and Journalist 


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