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“Categorising Electronic Music,” Contemporary Music Review 39/2, Special Issue, “Contemporaneities,” ed. Patrick Valiquet. The Version of Record of this manuscript has been published and is available in Contemporary Music Review 39/2 (2020):

“The Macropolitics of Microsound: Gender and Sexual Identities in Barry Truax’s Song of Songs.” Organised Sound 23/1 (2018): 80-90, doi: 10.1017/S1355771817000309.

“Breaking Silence, Breaching Censorship: ‘Ongoing Interculturality’ in Alice Shields’s Electronic Opera Apocalypse.” American Music 36/2 (2018): 135-162. Recipient of subventions from the AMS and the SMT (2017).

Christa Brüstle and Danielle Sofer, eds., Elizabeth Maconchy: Music as Impassioned Argument. Vienna – London – New York: Universal Edition, 2018.

“Convergences in Music Analysis (or, Music Theory’s Queer Complex).” Invited lecture at the Society for Music Theory’s Queer Resource Group Business Meeting on the topic “What happens when Queer Theory + Music Theory?” 6-9 November, 2014. Annual meeting of the Society for Music Theory, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

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