In progress    Made for Me: Sociotechnical Bias in Music Creation, Curation, and Research, monograph.

2021                Making Sex Sound: Vectors of Difference in Electronic Music, MIT Press.

2018                Christa Brüstle and Danielle Sofer, eds., Elizabeth Maconchy: Music as Impassioned Argument. Vienna

                        –  London – New York: Universal Edition. ISBN-10: 3702475621.


Peer-Reviewed Articles

2020               “Categorising Electronic Music,” Contemporary Music Review 39/2, Special Issue, “Techniques of

                       Contemporaneity,” ed. Patrick Valiquet, DOI:

2020               “Spectres of Sex: Tracing the Tools and Techniques of Contemporary Music Analysis,” Zeitschrift der

                       Gesellschaft für Musiktheorie 17/1, Special Issue, “Music Theory and Gender Studies,” eds.

                       Cosima Linke and Ariane Jeßulat, DOI:

2018                “Breaking Silence, Breaching Censorship: ‘Ongoing Interculturality’ in Alice Shields’s Electronic                                   Opera Apocalypse.” American Music 36/2 (2018): 135-162. Recipient of subventions from the AMS and                           the SMT (2017).

2018                “The Macropolitics of Microsound: Gender and Sexual Identities in Barry Truax’s Song of                                                 Songs.” Organised Sound 23/1 (2018): 80-90, doi:10.1017/S1355771817000309.


Invited Articles

2018                 “Death Becomes Him: Elizabeth Maconchy’s One-Act Opera The Departure,” in Elizabeth Maconchy:                              Music as Impassioned Argument, eds. Christa Brüstle and Danielle Sofer, Universal Edition.

2017                 “Strukturelles Hören?: Neue Perspektiven auf den ›idealen‹ Hörer,” in Geschichte und Gegenwart des                            musikalischen Hörens. Diskurse – Geschichente(n) - Poetiken, eds. Klaus Aringer, Franz Karl Praßl,                               Peter Revers und Christian Utz, Rombach Verlag. 

2014                 Review of “‘Platonic Rhizomes in Computer Music’: Concert and Keynote Speaker Panel at the                                        2014 joint conference of the International Computer Music Association and the Sound and Music                                    Computing Conference,” Array: The Journal of the International Computer Music Association(2015-                               2016): 25. 

2014                 Prefaces to study scores, “Erwin Schulhoff, Symphony No. 5,” and “Ludwig Thuille, Piano Quintet, Op.                          20,” Repertoire & Opera Explorer. Munich: Musikproduction Jürgen Höflich. 

                         2010-2014       Concert notes for “Clocks in Motion” Percussion Ensemble; Chamber Music Silicon                                Valley; Stony Brook Symphony Orchestra.


Conference Proceedings

2016                “Music in Transit: An Interactive Interview with Juliana Hodkinson.” The Dark Precursor: International                           Conference on Deleuze and Artistic Research, eds. Paulo de Assis and Paulo Giudici: Open-Access                               Rich-Media Proceedings, Ghent, Belgium. Best Presentation Award                                                           


2014                “Eroticism and Time in Computer Music: Juliana Hodkinson and Niels Rønsholdt’s Fish & Fowl.”                                   “Music Technology Meets Philosophy: From Digital Echoes to Virtual Ethos,” proceedings of the

                         ICMC-SMC 2014: 40th International Computer Music Conference joint with the 11th Sound and Music                           Computing Conference, 14-20 September, Athens, Greece, volume 1: 148-153. 


Reviewer of International Journals

2017-               Music Theory Spectrum

2013-               Organised Sound: An International Journal of Music and Technology


National and International Research Leadership

2017-2019       Chair of the LGBTQ Study Group of the Royal Musical Association

2016-               Executive Director and Co-founder of International and Interdisciplinary Research Alliance                                             LGBTQ+ Music Study Groups.

2018-2021       Education Officer and Co-opted Council Member, Society for Musicology in Ireland

2017-2020       Co-Author of Performing, Experiencing and Theorizing Augmented Listening (PETAL):Interpretation                             and Analysis of Macroform in Cyclic Musical Works, Christian Utz (PI), Universität für Musik und                                     darstellende Kunst Graz, funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF), €337,661.50.     

2015                Musicologist collaborator in “Parisflâneur: Binaural Audio Augmented Environment” by Martin Rumori                          exhibited and investigated within the klangräume research project (2013–2015), Gerhard Eckel (PI).

2015                “Music in Transit: An Interactive Interview with Juliana Hodkinson,” International Artistic Research                               Project with Scenatet Ensemble (Denmark). Performances in Graz, Austria, and Ghent, Belgium.                                     Funded by SNYK Contemporary Music Denmark, The University of Music and Performing Arts Graz,                               and the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) project “Emotional Improvisation,” Deniz Peters (PI), € 7,559.


Invited Papers

2019                “Code-Switching in Electronic Music.” 20 February. Invited Seminar in Musicology Series, School of                              Music, University College Dublin.

2018                “Mastering Sex in and out of the Studio.” 2 February. Paper delivered at the Research Colloquium of                              the Department of Music, Maynooth University.

2016                “Hearing Presence in Recent Music.” 8 November. Paper delivered at the Invited Speaker Seminar                                  Series of the Department of Philosophy, Maynooth University.

2016                Round Table speaker at international conference “Gender Studies in der Musikwissenschaft.                                           Entwicklungen, Positionen, Tendenzen,” 24-5 June. University of Music and Performing Arts Graz.

2014                “Making Sex Sound?” 27 October. Invited Lecture, Signale-Graz Soiréeat the Institute for Electronic                               Music and Acoustics, Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Graz.

2014                “‘Structural Listening’: The Ideal Type Revisited.” 14 May. Invited Lecture in the Music Theory                                         Colloquium, Institute for Composition, Theory of Music, History of Music, and Conducting, Universität                          für Musik und darstellende Kunst Graz.

2014                “‘Not a voice, not a word’: The Closing from Maconchy’s One-Act Opera The Departure.” 24-25                                       October. Invited lecture, Symposium on the music of Elizabeth Maconchy. Universität für Musik und                               darstellende Kunst Graz.

2014                “Juliana Hodkinson, Composer in a Networked World.” 19 May. Invited Lecture in the                                                       “Komponistinnen” series of the Zentrum für Genderforschung, Universität für Musik und darstellende                           Kunst Graz.

2014                “Convergences in Music Analysis (or, Music Theory’s Queer Complex).” Invited lecture at the Society                           for Music Theory’s Queer Resource Group Business Meeting on the topic “What happens when Queer                           Theory + Music Theory?” 6-9 November. Annual meeting of the Society for Music Theory, Milwaukee,                             Wisconsin, USA.

2013                Discussant, Round Table with Annie Gosfield, „Tag für eine Komponistin,“ 9 December. Zentrum für                              Genderforschung, Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Graz, Austria.


Media Appearances and Coverage

2016                Comedian at Bright Club, a science comedy hour, Dublin Science Week. Stags Head Pub, Dublin. 

2014                Musicologist interviewed for the RTÉ Lyric FM documentary on Elizabeth Maconchy, aired 11                                           November. Dublin, Ireland.

2012                Musicologist in Residence, Chamber Music Silicon Valley.


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